PhilantroGuia was born in 2010 out of the desire to divulge the life-transforming benefits of giving—to the giver. We inspire members of the Latin American community by showing them one the most rewarding and elevating human experiences of their lives!
Our Board of Advisors is a representative cross-section of our community’s diversity. The members come from different backgrounds, from both non-profit organizations and the private sector, and share one common belief: that goodwill and generosity not only help those in need; these values help the community as a whole. Everyone benefits from giving, beginning with the giver.

To become a philanthropist, one doesn’t need to be wealthy, or particularly talented, or ready to commit a significant amount of time. A philanthropist is simply someone whose giving is “active” rather than reactive.

Active, organized giving allows us to:

  • Align our efforts, however big or small, with a cause that is close to our hearts, a cause that matters to us more than anything else.
  • Make sure that the recipient of our generosity is worth our attention and efforts: we can, if we wish, follow-up and receive feedback and expect accountability from their activities.
  • Perceive the positive impact that we are able to make on the lives of others with consistency.
  • We hope that you will feel inspired, continue exploring our website and find the front door to a most exciting journey.

    Board of Advisors

    Our Board members share an appreciation for different points of view, as well as the belief that in order to flourish, a community requires an atmosphere of trust and harmony, and the respect for all races, nationalities, creeds and gender.

    Gloria Barbier, AXA Advisors

    Maria Blet, BDO Wealth Advisors

    Debby Bussel, Shepard Broad Foundation

    Guarione Diaz, Cuban National Council

    Jorge Lazaro Diaz, Larry Jacob Group

    Gloria Garces, Eventer

    Raul Garcia, Kaufman Rossin & Co.

    Martha Gonzalez, Writer

    Ed Joyce, Northern Trust

    Javier Soto, Dade Community Foundation

    Board of Directors

    Francisco Guia
    Eva Guia
    Fernanda Granziera
    Fernando Granziera
    Elizabeth Sánchez Vegas
    Devorah Sasha
    Pablo Pérez
    Gloria Garces
    José Félix Rivas